Making the Right Decision When Your Electric Motor Fails

Making the Right Decision When Your Electric Motor Fails
23 Jan 2017

By Zolaikha Strong

Director of Sustainable Energy for CDA

The time may come when your facility’s motor is failing. This situation calls for a quick decision on whether to replace your motor completely with a Premium Efficient® electric motor, or to repair it. Regardless of the path you choose for your motor, copper plays a significant role. Ultimately, a motor repair shop can help you through this process and will recommend the best option for your needs. Replacing a worn out motor with a high-efficiency model that includes a higher volume of copper can save a facility time, energy and money. It is important to make a well-informed decision when a motor fails.

CaptureThe Copper Development Association (CDA) has published a new case study, Copper in Motor Repair Facilities, which examines the decision between electric motor replacement and motor repair.

The benefit of purchasing a new Premium Efficient® copper rotor motor is the significant boost in energy-efficiency due to copper’s superior conductivity and durability. This is a long-term investment for a company, due to the increased initial costs, but the increased efficiency and energy savings will help to provide of a long-lasting benefit through the life cycle of the motor.

Some customers seeking the lowest initial price may choose to repair a failed motor. In motor repairs, Flolo-2the core is tested to validate that its magnetic properties will support the copper rewind. Eventually, they will need to have the core re-insulated. This is a time-consuming process that can’t be rushed in order to help ensure a reliable working motor.

CDA’s case study highlights the recommendations of three motor repair facilities to examine what practices they have used when it comes to motor replacement versus repair. What can be agreed upon is that the use of copper will be sustainable and vital in either process.

There’s a sense of trust between a facility and a motor repair shop. These workers have an extensive knowledge, and facilities trust that they will provide the best and most cost-effective recommendation. Learning about motor repair and replacement can benefit your business, because when the time comes to make this decision you can be confident that yours is suitable for you and your business needs.

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