Copper is Vital for Human Health: Find it in Your Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Copper is Vital for Human Health: Find it in Your Valentine’s Day Chocolate
11 Feb 2016

Many people don’t realize that copper is an essential mineral that is necessary for human health. It facilitates cardiovascular and neurological health, builds connective tissue in the brain and promotes bone development. Copper also helps to maintain sufficient levels of red blood cells, and is required for enzymes involved in energy metabolism. In fact, too little copper in the diet can lead to health problems. Menkes syndrome, a disorder that affects copper levels in the body, can often be fatal.

Since copper is not manufactured by our bodies, it must be gained through the diet. Fortunately for humans, there are some box _of_chocolatedelicious ways to get your daily recommended intake of copper, especially around Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is rich in the mineral. Chocolate products have been found to be the highest contributors of daily copper intake in the American diet. Dark chocolate is the best source, with four times as much copper as milk chocolate. If you purchase a box of chocolate for a loved one this Valentine’s Day, you’ll be contributing to their overall health and wellbeing by helping them intake essential copper.

If you’re looking for a lower fat source of copper, perhaps in your Valentine’s Day dinner date, try these foods recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.): oysters, squid, brazil nuts, pecans, chick peas and beef liver. Cereals, mushrooms, split peas and goose breast are other good sources of copper.

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