Copper Intake Results in a Healthier Body

Copper Intake Results in a Healthier Body
07 Jul 2016

By Naima Zen

A recent study at the Berkeley Lab found that copper is key to burning fat. Using mice with a genetic mutation that causes an accumulation of copper in the liver, researchers found the connection between copper and fat breakdown. In fact, copper was found to be “essential for breaking down fat cells so that they can be used for energy.” The more copper there is in the body, the more fat cells are broken down to be used for energy. This correlation was also observed in cattle, where the level of copper in their feed affected the fattiness of their meat.

These recent findings shed new light on the role that copper plays as an essential nutrient, but the benefits of copper to human health are nothing new. Research has long shown that copper contributes to the proper functioning of our organs and metabolic processes. According to the National Academy of Science, the adult estimated dietary requirement for copper is about 700 micrograms per day. Since the human body cannot naturally produce copper, we need to get it through a diet consisting of shellfish, greens, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, beans, and chocolate.

Consuming copper through food is not the only way to achieve a healthy intake level. Drinking two to three glasses of water that have been stored in a copper vessel is another way to intake enough copper, allowing you to stay hydrated and healthy. Modern water purification systems such as UV light filters and reverse osmosis can be used to purify water, but do not provide the additional health benefits that copper does. Copper’s unique properties allow it to be a solution. Its properties kill harmful microorganisms when they come in contact with a copper surface.

It is important to note that a lack of copper in the body can lead to various health problems, some of which include anemia and osteoporosis. This is why it is so important to supplement your regular diet with foods and liquids that contain copper. With the added benefit of breaking down fat more efficiently in the body… why would you not ThinkCopper when it comes to your diet!

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