Antimicrobial Copper’s Aha! Moment at the 2015 AHA Leadership Summit

Antimicrobial Copper’s Aha! Moment at the 2015 AHA Leadership Summit
27 Aug 2015

By Adam Estelle, Project Engineer for the Copper Development Association

Being an outsider to the healthcare industry, I always enjoy exhibiting at the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) annual leadership summit.  Each year, hospital C-suite executives, owners and board members meet at this event to share and discuss trends, successes and new solutions to help improve the quality of care in America.  It’s always interesting to learn how a hospital CEO thinks about and tackles complex issues like infection control and healthcare reform.  Introducing a new technology like antimicrobial copper to this crowd is not easy considering the volume and complexity of solutions that are pitched to hospitals on a daily basis.  However, this year was a bit different.

Untitled drawing (3)Having an arsenal of compelling, peer-reviewed papers is great, but the evidence is only part of the story.  Hospital executives need to see real products, learn how to get them and understand what they’re going to get for the investment.  They need to see case studies and hear directly from peers that have already adopted the technology.

This year was different because we were able to address all of these points for antimicrobial copper.  The Copper Development Association (CDA) was present to help attendees understand the science behind antimicrobial copper. Olin Brass, a supplier of antimicrobial copper, was also present to show attendees what commercial products look like and how to get them.  And finally, Todd Linden, the CEO of Grinnell Regional Medical Center in Iowa, delivered a captivating presentation on how and why his hospital has adopted antimicrobial copper surfaces to enhance patient safety.

After this year’s warm reception, I think next year’s AHA attendees will be less interested in talking about what antimicrobial copper is, and more interested in learning about who is using it, and how they can get involved.


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