Washington D.C.’s Newest Museum is Copper’s Most Recent Target

Washington D.C.’s Newest Museum is Copper’s Most Recent Target
27 Nov 2018

Washington D.C is known for its extensive list of museums, but the city’s newest museum is set to become a public favorite in no time. The Museum of the Bible is a nonpolitical institution that looks to inform its visitors on the book that many say helped shaped the world.

The Museum of the Bible was originally built in the 1920s as a refrigeration warehouse, and is now D.C.’s newest exhibition. The existing infrastructure was restored and reimagined in order to cater to the new building. Just a short walk away from the National Mall, tourists and locals who visit the Museum on 4th Street enter through immense 40-foot-high bronze portals. The portals were designed to contain the first 80 lines of the Genesis written in Latin, as it was originally printed in the Gutenberg Bible.

The final step to complete the panels involved the application of a custom formulated patina, which was lacquered to lessen the environmental changes and effects over time. The new museums roof is also covered in copper. The primary metal roof system uses 20 ounce Freedom Gray for its radius and batten seam roof panel with diagonal transverse seams. In addition, a wall system was constructed with flat seam panels set in chevron pattern.

The new Museum of the Bible is a great new attraction for locals and tourists to enjoy. Take advantage of the different museums the city has to offer and appreciate D.C. from a new perspective!

Museum of the Bible -8 Credit - Museum of the Bible

Photo Credit: Museum of the Bible


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