Travels with Larry: Brass Revitalizes Downtown Dallas

Travels with Larry: Brass Revitalizes Downtown Dallas
28 Nov 2017

Finally, downtown Dallas, Texas is experiencing a renaissance!  Condos, hotels, restaurants and shops are beginning to fill the underutilized buildings, making central Dallas a real destination, rather than a place tired office workers flee as soon as their work day is over.

Dallas luxury retailer Forty Five Ten’s newly opened main location is a striking example.  Rich golden toned, polished brass (copper zinc alloy) panels surround the entry and provide the building with a striking “lid” over its full frontage top floor patio.  Designer Droese Raney Architecture did a great job.  I’ll have to stop inside and have a coffee at the copper bar on the main floor one day.

Diagonally across the street, the Neiman Marcus flagship store proves that “high-end” is not a new concept for the area.  The 1927 building is even recognized as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark.  There’s only limited copper alloy material on the outside—primarily brass detailing on a canopy over a main entrance.  Inside, however, are very well maintained distinctive brass escalators, the result of an extensive 1940s remodel.

picture 1

Look closely at the side panels over the escalator treads.  Brass frames surround back lit translucent stone panels.  Not only beautiful, this lighting is also a safety feature!

By Larry Peters, Copper Development Association Project Manager & Architectural Applications Specialist


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