NYC American Radiator Building Uses Copper

NYC American Radiator Building Uses Copper
21 Mar 2017

Travels with Larry: The American Radiator Building

Larry PetersBy Larry Peters, Copper Development Association Project Manager & Architectural Applications Specialist

Adjacent to Bryant Park, along West 40th Street, is the striking American Radiator Building (since renamed the American Standard Building, which is now home to the Bryant Park Hotel). The art deco and gothic-inspired building was designed by architects Raymond Hood & André Fouilhoux for the American Radiator Company in 1924.

When the black brick and gold masonry building opened, The New York Times described it as a “daring departure from the conventional in office building construction.” Hood selected black brick with gold accents to symbolize coal and fire. The gleaming structure became the inspiration of Georgia O’Keeffe’s 1927 painting, “Radiator Building – Night, New York.”

Bronze, a copper alloy, frames the entranceway and first-story windows of the skyscraper (currently painted black at ground level).  The bronze railing above the first-story has been left to weather naturally into the distinctive green patina. To learn more about copper’s green patina finish, visit

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