The New American Copper Buildings Mesmerize Manhattan

The New American Copper Buildings Mesmerize Manhattan
25 Oct 2018

130204_2017_03 - 626 First Ave 04New York is a city known for its skyscrapers, but few stand out like the American Copper Buildings. Standing tall in Murray Hill with breathtaking views of the East River, The American Copper Buildings are two copper clad towers interconnected by a sky bridge, 300 feet above the ground.

These adjoined, bold and unique towers have a characteristic that sets them apart from the rest, they appear to be dancing as they lean into one another. The building complex has a lively dynamic that is intensified by the copper and glass façade that animates their forms and make them a staple to look at for passengers on a ferry, commuters on FDR Drive or any pedestrians strolling around the city.

130204_2017_03 - 626 First Ave 02

Photo Credit: Field Condition

These towers will be a sight to see for years to come due to their ever-changing exterior. The copper metal panels are four millimeters thick and were installed without finishing to allow the structures to patina and change color naturally, so the buildings will go from shiny orange to green over time.

If you’re ever walking through the Big Apple’s Midtown area, be sure to check out this dancing building complex, it is definitely a sight to see!


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