New Haven’s Religious Masterpiece

New Haven’s Religious Masterpiece
20 Dec 2018

New Haven is a small coastal city on Long Island Sound in Connecticut. The area is predominantly known for housing Yale University. Aside from offering prestigious education, New Haven also houses the beautiful Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church, with its roof decorated almost entirely out of copper.

1. completed roof front view

Photo Credit: Maurice Paul Lavertue

The Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church is a religious space considered sacred to many in Connecticut. After tropical storm Irene hit New Haven, the church suffered immense damage. In order to save the religious infrastructure, nearly 20,000 pounds of 20-ounce copper were used to bring the building and its roof back to life.

3. side view completed church

Photo Credit: Maurice Paul Lavertue

The church features an onion roof comprised of 18-inch copper diamonds with a ¾ relief that give it texture visible from the ground. The intricate details of the dome include 4.5-inch crosses at the tips of the diamonds, these were attached with a single copper rivet and a dab of solder to the rest of the roof. The copper onion dome shines 100 feet up in the air and gives the church an iconic point of recognition.

To get a 360 view of the church and its copper details, click here!


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