Discover Downtown Denver’s Colorado State Capitol

Discover Downtown Denver’s Colorado State Capitol
06 Dec 2018

The Colorado State Capitol Building is home to the Colorado General Assembly and the Governor of Colorado’s office. The infrastructure was built in the 1890s and first opened its doors in 1894.

This State Capitol Building forms part of Colorado’s unique history. The building, which purposefully resembles the United States Capitol located in Washington D.C., is admired by anyone who passes it. Although the building has been standing for over a century, it now has a one of a kind copper roofing system that complements the brilliance and longevity of its gold colored dome.

Colorado State Capitol -4 Credit - Humphries Poli Architects

Photo Credit: Humphries Poli Architects

The 121-year-old State Capitol underwent a roof renovation where every piece of metal on its rooftop – from the seam panels to the shingles on the low-scope portions of the gutter –  were replaced with copper. This historic landmark now has a roof that will last for generations to come, and it is made entirely out of the very reliable, copper!

Whenever you find yourself in downtown Denver, make sure you take a moment to admire the Colorado State Capitol, a local landmark known to many for its beautiful infrastructure.


Photo Credit: Tim Taylor


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